Roma Termini Railway Station, Italy

Roma Termini Railway Station, Italy

Roma Termini Railway Station, Italy

Roma Termini (in Italian, Stazione Termini or Stazione di Roma Termini) is the main train station of Rome. It is named after the district of the same name, which in turn took its name from ancient Baths of Diocletian (in Latin, thermae), which lie across the street from the main entrance.

*Interesting fact! : On 23 December 2006, the station was dedicated to Pope John Paul II.

The current building was designed by the two teams that won a competition in 1947: Leo Calini and Eugenio Montuori; Massimo Castellazzi, Vasco Fadigati, Achille Pintonello and Annibale Vitellozzi. It was inaugurated in 1950. The building is characterized by the extremely long, modernist façade in travertine and by the gravity-defying double curve of the cantilever roof in reinforced concrete. Because of these, it carries the nickname the Dinosaur. The famous anodized aluminium friezes are work of artist Amerigo Tot: the composition is about capturing the dynamics in sound and speed of a train.


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